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Why have I been advised to come in 30 minutes before my first appointment?
During your first appointment you may have to fill a questionnaire about your health problems. That would tell the physician about your complete history and would help to make a diagnosis. This is done only during the first visit.

What should I expect on the first visit?
It's better if you download the form from here and fill it before you come for appointment; otherwise you would be required to fill it out on the day of your appointment. A nurse would go through that form with you. Then physician would again review that, examine you and review your old medical records including any imaging tests available. After that a detailed plan of care would be formulated for you. Usually procedures are not performed during the first visit.

If you are taking any blood thinners including Plavix, Coumadin, Pradaxa, Eliquis, Xarelto, Please let the physician know.

Will I have a procedure during my first visit?
Usually not, procedures are done in the hospital under an X-ray machine (called fluoroscope) and are done on fixed days.

I am on blood thinners, can I have a procedure?
Let your physician know that you are on blood thinners. We would discus this with your primary care provider and would decide depending upon the
condition for which blood thinners are taken.

Does the procedure hurt?
During the procedure, all patients get local numbing medicine. You have the option of getting medicine through the IV to make you relax and calm. You would be awake but relaxed with IV medication.

Do I need to bring a driver on the day of the procedure?
Yes. A number of procedures may leave your leg or arm numb for a few hours. If you are getting sedation, you would not be able to drive back home by yourself. So we require you to bring a driver on the day of the procedure.

Should I come empty stomach on the day of the procedure?
If you are planning to get sedation, we recommend fasting for 6-8 hours, otherwise you don’t have to be empty stomach if you are planning for IV sedation. As mentioned earlier, local numbing medicine is given to everyone irrespective of fasting status.

I am pregnant. Can I still get the procedure?
Depends upon the procedure, if you pregnant or trying to get pregnant let the physician know immediately, you may not be able to get
procedures which require X-ray machine.

What insurance plans do you accept?
We accept most of the insurance plan. Please feel free to call us and ask about your insurance plan.

I am looking for more information on the procedure?
Under the procedures and educational on this website, most of the information is provided. You are also welcome to call and talk to our trained nurses at pain center for any additional questions.

Can a friend or family member stay with me during the procedure?
Our clinic and hospital policies do not allow friends or family members to stay in the room during procedures. Your friends or family members are requested to wait in the waiting room and your doctor or nurse will inform them when the procedure is over.

How long the injection would last?
It varies from patient to patient and the underlying medical condition.  Please discuss this with your physician.

When will I feel relief after the injection?
The local anesthetic starts working within 30 minutes of the injection.  Pain usually comes back after the local anesthetic wears off in 6-8 hours.  The steroids start working after 48 to 72 hours and most people usually feel pain relief gradually after that time.

How many procedures can I have?
It varies from patient to patient.  Usually the procedure can be repeated.  Please talk to your physician to discuss this.

Do I have to tell at the time of appointment, whether I need IV sedation?
No, you can decide this at the time of procedure. You have to have an empty stomach for 6-8 hours if you want IV sedation

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